Redendo's Loyalty Program


Who is this for?

The vast majority of our customers visit once per month. So within a few visits the majority of customers will be given a free reward. The second type of customer who will benefit from this are customers with their cards on file like teachers, schools, businesses, etc, because they order large quantities of food. So now all large orders are automatically discounted for those loyalty customers. They don't need to go through the awkward pain of requesting a discount, it will automatically be applied based on the amount they order. Finally the customers who will benefit most from our loyalty program are the tiny portion of customers who visit 8-15 times a month they will be able to accrue a larger than normal amount of rewards.


If I already have my credit card on file with you, am I a loyalty customer?

Yes. But the vast majority of loyalty customers do not hold their cards on file with us. Customers who hold their credit cards on file are typically private clients who are ordering through a representative, high volume clients like businesses, and teachers requesting delivery during school hours. If you are a customer that has your card on file with us your rewards will be applied automatically unless we have been instructed otherwise by you or your representative.


How does it work?

Once you make a purchase you are eligible to join our loyalty program. We require a phone number or email address that can be used to look up your account. Every time you place an order, simply provide your account details and you will receive stars based on the total amount of your order. After you collect 100 stars you will receive a reward.


Do I have to purchase specific items to receive stars?

Nope, anything you purchase will give you stars in return.


How can I collect Bonus Stars?

Attaching an email to your loyalty account will give you an additional 50 stars.


Will you start sending me things via email? 

We will sometimes request your feedback. This is a random audit to ensure a high level of customer service. We may also request your feedback after a large change has been made to the menu or interior decor. You are under no obligation to respond or stay on the mailing list. It's our most loyal customers who alert us to changes that need to be made which is why we want to hear from loyalty members specifically. But if you are concerned about receiving feedback requests you can always unsubscribe or email GoshenPizza@gmail.com with your email and phone number and request a note be made to opt you out of any request for feedback.